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For the first time in my life, I am finally making sure that I do things with purpose and that the main objective of that purpose is my own personal happiness. The crazy thing is, everything that makes me happy is either on pause or not the best time to launch it due to the ongoing pandemic. It's funny how the very thing that allowed me to rediscover the parts of myself that make me happy is also the same thing that is hindering its progression. I'm choosing to view this as a positive versus a negative. That this time is the right amount of time for me to build the foundation that is needed to build off of but I never had the time to do it before. This time is the right amount of time for me to relearn and perfect my skills. Even if everything is on pause or moving at a snail's pace as we start to open back up, it is still my time. This is the time when the world stopped long enough for me to catch a glimpse of not only who I am, but who I am supposed to be and for that I'm grateful!

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