Jewelry Care Suggestions

Certain metals will naturally age and patina over time. A great way to slow down the process is to store your jewelry, wrapped in tissue or paper towel and in a sealable plastic bag when not wearing them. Here are some more helpful tips on how to take care of your jewelry:

Bronze and brass will naturally patina and darken with age. Exposing the piece to heat and water will hasten the formation of the patina. Because bronze and brass are copper alloys, slight discoloration of the skin is to be expected from time to time, especially on rings that haven't been worn in a while. Brass is made up of copper and zinc. Bronze is made of copper and tin. These are both nickel-free materials but WILL tarnish and darken over time.

Once a natural patina develops, we recommend keeping the patina on the piece to create a naturally-made barrier between your skin and the piece. If you'd like to be safe, coating the piece in beeswax will drastically reduce discoloration. All skin types vary and so will the degree of discoloration due to the variety of skin types. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us before purchase.

To return a piece to it's original luster, simply buff the piece with a polishing cloth and baking soda/water paste or brass cleaner. Clean thoroughly and wax with a natural beeswax (optional).

When silver is not worn regularly, it will darken and tarnish. We recommend regular wear to avoid this. To return pieces to their original finish, buff with a polishing cloth, wrap in tissue or paper towel, and store it in a ziplock plastic bag.