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Artist Support

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One of my friends once told me, "Monica, not everyone wears jewelry but you don't have anything set up so they can still show their support for you." That was many years ago and I'm finally getting around to setting up an alternative option on my site.

This is for those who have fallen in love with the intention behind the brand and are looking for alternative ways to show your support for me as a visual artist.

10% of your support will be donated to various organizations in need throughout the year. The first organization that we are supporting is the Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance, Inc. "This organization is an advocate for HBCU Alumni Associations by supporting the mission of HBCUs through scholarship fundraising, alumni reclamation and student recruitment in addition to aligning with the National HBCU Alumni Alliances by supporting and participating in programs that promote higher education, encourage healthy living, and fighting hunger." 

There are a lot of young people who desire to go to school but don't have the means or resources. I am partnering with this organization as a previous HBCU graduate (GO WSSU!) who struggled in many ways through school and it took me a while to recover even after I graduated. I thought that this would be a great way to give back to support this organization as they prepare for the upcoming Fall semester.  

I want to thank each and everyone of you, whether you have shown support with a purchase, words of encouragement, opportunities, or with a donation, it is all appreciated and you have no idea how grateful I am for it all. Sending out virtual hugs to you all, thank you!