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I keep this dish of stones on my table as a gentle reminder of where this all started. It helps when I start feeling defeated or as if all of the work isn't worth it. You see, this bowl of stones are the very first stones I ever got for myself. They were what I now call, "My healing stones." When I was morning the loss of my dad, these are the first set of stones that I purchased during my healing process. These are also the original stones where I started playing around with the idea of making jewelry. This simple little dish of stones reminds me that I don't do this for anyone else but for myself. I do it to honor my dad, to honor my spirit that was broken but was starting the journey of healing, and to honor my very being because it is a reminder of a time when I needed to be reminded of how important it was to take care of me. It reminds me of everything I hold dear to me and is sacred.

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