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Update: Picture is the finished product that I finally got it where I wanted it to be! I'm absolutely in love with it!.

I just wanted to share some updates on my creative process. I'm really taking my time on creating this next line because, due to COVID, I now have the time to really create a brand versus individual lines of jewelry. I want to create something that each piece looks like it is from the same designer and from the same family, yet is individually unique. Plus, I want to create pieces that are timeless and practical. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE what I have created in the past but it wasn't something that I could sell over and over again. It was more like a clothing brand where someone would love it for that season but then expect to see what is next and I don't want to create using that business model. This was probably my 3rd time creating this piece and it still isn't where I want it to be. Unfortunately, I have to start from scratch each time since I don't know what it looks like until I get into the creative process but I don't mind because I can feel that I am heading in the right direction and each time I start over, I create something even better than the previous times. Wish me luck!


  Soldered this together and realized later that I didn't like the joint. It's a learning process and I'm enjoying it. 


Joint after I filed it down but eventually the joint broke and I had to determine a different way to do it later on. 


  The next step was to patina the piece to give it an antiqued appearance. I threw in some wire that needed to be done as well to save time.


  Cleaning time, plus this helps work hardened the metal some.


 Nice and clean! Little did I know at the time that after I would start my wire weaving, the joint would pop and I would have to try a different method and design altogether. This is the process of a jewelry designer. Try and try again to bring the idea in your head to fruition. Back to the creative lab!


I hope you guys enjoy seeing some of the "behind the scenes" action. Keep a lookout for new merchandise coming soon. Plus I have a sell on some of the past jewelry that I found after cleaning out my workspace! Type "SALE" in the search box and my remaining pieces should come up.   

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